Nostalgia – not always a good thing!

Bad developers, bad!

Bad developers, bad!

Retro games are great.  Whether it be an 8-bit gem like contra or something not so old like – Destrega for the PS1… Oh wait.  My mistake.  Sometimes I tend to confuse words’ meanings.  What’s the opposite of gem?  Coal?  Good enough. 

So while visiting my local game shop and sifting through great used classics I was struck by what I found.  Destrega (10 years ago) was a great game!  I really enjoyed it.  But I could not remember why I liked it.  Then I did what anyone else with a mouthful of nostalgia would do – buy the game.  Ugh, what a terrible, terrible mistake.  

 Here’s what wikipedia says about the game:

Destrega is a 3D fighting game created by Koei in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation. Destrega separates itself from other games by creating a Rock, Paper, Scissors type of fighting system. When timed right, you can cancel or overpower your opponent’s attack. The game uses two types of fighting styles: close-up hand-to-hand attacks and Relic attacks, which are the long-range projectile attacks. You can also fight in the air, on the ground, and on top of structures. Although it is comparatively unheard of, it is a solid fighting game, and rare in stores. Although a sequel hasn’t been announced, many fans have shown strong interest in one. Although that’s really sort of a meaningless statement as “many fans” of nearly anything would show an interest in a sequel. In this case, “many” is analogous to “two”, and a sequel is never coming, ever. 

Besides having an overly simplisitic battle scheme, the voice acting is by far one of the worst I have ever heard – take it from me, I have seen and heard a lot of voiceovers.  Some are more hilarious than others.  Take for example the voice acting in ‘House of the Dead II & III’; simply hilarious.  Destrega = depressing.

I don’t understand how this game can have “many fans.”  In my opinion, if Rock, Paper, Scissors is a fun game for you, then I highly recommend that you buy a pair of wooden spoons and stick both of them directly inside your ears.


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