Haiku Compilation

Gamer Haiku

…with help from the IGN PS3 lobby.

thanks for the contributions!


Atlantic Plane Crash
Plasmids, Tonics, Lil’ Sisters
Watchout: Big Daddies!


Ubisoft hurts me
They release such great games but
Never finish them




POP is cool
Prince sounds too much like Nate Drake
That kind of sucks ass

With the PS3
You can upgrade your hard drive
For more porn storage!


Slant Six made Socom
Crashes, freezes, bricked systems
Son of a biiiotch!


Resistance, Ratchet
Insomiac’s amazing!
I wonder whats next?



My PS Triple
astounds me in every way
Kicks so much damn ass!


Dead Space, what a game
It took us all by surprise
EA, who’d have thought?

Sonic the Hedgehog
was good back in the old days
Modern Sonic sucks!
Sonic Adventure
1 and 2 were both quite good
Some parts were, at least…


IGN charged me
Yet I have no insider
What the bloody hell?


IGN screwed you
You should prob’bly contact their
Customer service


Is it worth it? No
Don’t look anywhere, I know
I played the demo

Hale all fired up
Chimera serious bizness
Daedalus must die

Alone in the dark
Is a painful game to play
But an easy plat



Little Big Planet
Full of epic sexiness
Sackboys are Gangsta




Upgraded Hard Drive.
But hey, why should you store porn.
Online watch it free!




Are games getting worse?
Or am I just an old fart?
Nah, it’s just the games.

Sega once was great
Now they are kind of just there
I want Shenmue 3!

Gears of War 2 is
One really fine looking game
Puts all else to shame
Mario, Duck Hunt
Came with a new Nintendo
Those sure were the days

Little Mac’s got heart
Challenges guys twice his size
Even faced Iron Mike




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