Haiku Compilation

December 28, 2008

Gamer Haiku

…with help from the IGN PS3 lobby.

thanks for the contributions!


Atlantic Plane Crash
Plasmids, Tonics, Lil’ Sisters
Watchout: Big Daddies!


Ubisoft hurts me
They release such great games but
Never finish them




POP is cool
Prince sounds too much like Nate Drake
That kind of sucks ass

With the PS3
You can upgrade your hard drive
For more porn storage!


Slant Six made Socom
Crashes, freezes, bricked systems
Son of a biiiotch!


Resistance, Ratchet
Insomiac’s amazing!
I wonder whats next?


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Blast from the Past

December 7, 2008


 If you’ve never played Contra for the NES, I higly recommend that you do.

Contra was voted #1 by gaming website IGN.com as being the “Toughest Game to Beat”

Does that tickle your ego?  I know it tickles mine. 

The games’ difficulty is serious business and serious gamers compete to beat games like this in record time.  Speed Demos is a place for hardcore gamers who play for record times.

Think you’re good enough to beat the game in under 15 minutes?  How ’bout 10 minutes?